Joseph Price

FOSS advocate in a Windows world...

Switching backups to Restic

I have used Duplicati uneasily for some time to back up my personal server which hosts Nextcloud and other bits.

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First thoughts on Zola

Zola1 is a static site generator in Rust.

Wanting to blog a bit more and having a passing interest in Rust, I figured I might as well rebuild my blog rather than actually write anything...

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Invoke-ASCmd Caches xmla?

tldr: Invoke-ASCmd caches xmla files somewhere. Always provide the absolute path to Invoke-ASCmd -InputFile.

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Should I hand over my account & card details?

While logging in to online banking...

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.uk domain transfers are scary

.uk transfers are a little different: You instruct your old registrar to change the "IPS tag" to point the domain to your new registrar. You tell your new registrar that the domain just assigned to them is yours. The new registrar then dutiful…

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