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LXD performance observation

You might want to consider enabling tmpfs...

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AppArmor hat & child profiles

My last post omitted the real reason I hadn't swapped to OnlyOffice was that I was too lazy to look further into apparmor. Allowing dash to inherit the php permissions with /bin/dash ix, is one solution but for other reasons, I wanted to write a more contained profile to spawn dash within. Searching the internet & reading my favourite apparmor docs didn't enlighten.

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Why I'm not using ONLYOFFICE yet.

I'm a huge fan of Nextcloud and version 18 brought great integration with ONLYOFFICE. I'm not using it though because it ships with binaries that aren't always straightforward to execute.

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Connection reset...

After switching energy supplier, I discovered I couldn't connect to their website.

This is an explanation with notes of how I've attempted to diagnose the issue so far.

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Nextcloud, CVE's & Apparmor

Nextcloud and others recently reported on CVE-2019-11043 which looks like a particularly nasty RCE affecting only nginx+php-fpm with certain configurations.

Unfortunately, the configuration the Nextcloud documentation recommended was one of those vulnerable configurations.

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