First thoughts on Zola

Zola1 is a static site generator in Rust.

Wanting to blog a bit more and having a passing interest in Rust, I figured I might as well rebuild my blog rather than actually write anything...

These are just a few unorganised notes on what I found.

Cobalt & Zola seem to be the first couple of results for "rust static site generator" and Zola's github comes with a handy outlining the features involved.2 I appreciate these tables are always biased & opinionated, especially when put out by one of the projects being compared, but it's nice to get a good overview of the situation. Pagination & taxonomies were likely to be the only differentiating features relevant to me but after trying both out, one of the main (bad) reasons I went with Zola was having easily available themes - I'm not a web designer.3

Zola's documentation is really good, but is one of those that often only fully makes sense once you already understand the system - even the introduction section! (I file git and various bits of Debian's Maintainer guides into this category)

So, I obviously ignored it as a first time user:

$ zola init pricey-blog
Welcome to Zola!
> What is the URL of your site? (
> Do you want to enable Sass compilation? [Y/n]: wtf?

Despite a quick check of their getting started & unsure how configurable this would be later, I was really pleased to see my issue dealt with rapidly by the project, so top marks there!

There are a few other bits & pieces I've not quite understood the documentation around, e.g:

All in all, Zola has mostly made sense and the couple of interactions I've had with the project were really positive! I hope I'll be able to contribute later.



I loved the comparison table for acmetool though the software nolonger seems to have died, I too moved to certbot.


Cobalt uses the liquid template language which I presume there are resources available for, but found too difficult to discover in the time I gave.