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Connection reset...

After switching energy supplier, I discovered I couldn't connect to their website.

This is an explanation with notes of how I've attempted to diagnose the issue so far.1

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Nextcloud, CVE's & Apparmor

Nextcloud and others recently reported on CVE-2019-11043 which looks like a particularly nasty RCE affecting only nginx+php-fpm with certain configurations.

Unfortunately, the configuration the Nextcloud documentation recommended was one of those vulnerable configurations.

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Switching backups to Restic - update

In a previous post I mentioned swapping my backups to restic. Since then, I've found my B2 storage costs increased substantially and wanted to figure out why.

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Azure DevOps permissions primer

I often join Azure DevOps projects some time after they were started and can almost guarantee I'll find... questionable... permissions have been applied.

If you search for e.g. "azure devops permissions" you'll get pages like this which only tell half the story, so here's a quick primer...

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Switching backups to Restic

I have used Duplicati uneasily for some time to back up my personal server which hosts Nextcloud and other bits.

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